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TBZ OIL AND GAS is a  leader in the drilling, sourcing of oilfiled equipment and sale of equipment and components used in oil & gas drilling and production, the provision of oil storages and other services, and supply chain integration services to the upstream oil and gas industry.


TBZ develop its business through the performance of all upstream activities with special emphasis on drilling and allied services, and offering a complete integrated drilling service for the entire project from conception to completion in local and international markets
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    HSEQ in TBZ EXP AND IMPT is one of the main departments in that is responsible for every work in the company.

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    Technical Words

    LWD, Circulation sytem, Drill stem testing, Drill bits, Hazardous climatic conditions, geoscience services, Well depth and well control are only few aspects of the technical part of oil rig which we look at.