Welcome to TBZ OIL AND GAS

Established in January 2006, TBZ OIL & GAS offices are situated in  the backdrop of Cape Town, recognized as one of the central locations for international trade routes, and well renowned as the best destination in Africa.

Boosting with prospective business trade from the Middle East to Africa,TBZ OIL & GAS aims at developing friendly relations, extending its operations globally, linking up with its branches in Middle East. 

With twenty years experience in the Middle East in the oil and Gas trade and production industry, TBZ Exp & Imp delivers on its dedication to client’s, strengthening relations and increasing profitability by enabling you to have access to the┬ábest products from Middle East.

TBZ OIL AND GAS a key role in improving international relations in the African market, responding to growth in demand and building stronger relations worldwide.